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Welcome to Kuantum Bliss Mind, Body and Spirit from Beginning to Supreme. Founded and directed by Shantavia Bliss and based in Atlanta, GA.

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With physical fitness being the foundation of her practice, Shantavia noticed the importance of physical and mental health the effects on the spirit and saw the opportunity too for growth and Advancement not only in her personal life yet also for the community. Over the years Bliss has gathered her knowledge and experience to create transformational workshops, classes and programs for like minded beings to transcend their own lives to optimum wellness.

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Offering transpersonal services for your mind, body, and spirit. 

Including: Consultations, Yoga, Yoni Steam, Reiki, Massage, and more.

Our Services

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Our Happy Clients

"I have benefited tremendously from Yoga and Reiki sessions with Bliss for over 3 years. She helps me to get into and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her sessions assisted in my recovery from surgery. She not only helps with my physical health, but the sessions along with guided meditation supports my emotional red well-being. She is always in tuned to what I need as an individual. Her peacefulness is contagious. I feel better the moment I see her for our weekly session."
"Working with Shantavia Bliss was life changing! She taught me her importance of staying calm and relaxed during my pregnancy. During labor was used her breathing techniques to get through my contractions. Not only for contractions but in life I have used her life changing advice and chants. She is amazing! I’m happy to have worked with her."
"I was going through a very difficult time after having a baby, when I started my sessions with Bliss. From the first day I met her with open arms she taught me ways to release my emotions as well as yoga moves to release built up stressed. I even took her regular yoga classes, after my healing and I loved it! Her energy is peaceful, she’s very knowledgeable in her gifting.Amazing,divine and selfless."
"Yoga! Doing yoga with you was surprising it was so intense my body felt so good also muscle pain but over all the best Yoga class I’ve had for now on when I do yoga it will be with you!!! Thank you Love You’re the best."
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